RG350 vs PocketGo

There are various game consoles you can buy but at the end of the day, not all of us will be able to collect all of them. Expensive consoles can do more than just gaming, and exclusives are another matter we should consider but for those who want to spend a little budget and formerly playing older games, RG350 Vs PocketGo will be a great choice to go with. They are cheap but also fun and before shopping, go check which of them will be your best choice here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Game Console to Purchase
  • What are RG350 and PocketGo
  • What RG350 and PocketGo Look Like
  • How are the Performance of RG350 and PocketGo
  • How are the Battery of RG350 and PocketGo
  • How are the Gaming Experience with RG350 and PocketGo
  • RG350 Vs PocketGo

Game Consoles

Video games have been played since decades ago and they continue to evolve filling the market once through consoles to now playable via your computer. They are ageless and have fans from different age ranges that even children and parents can enjoy their quality time together playing certain video games familiar to them. The amount of games playable today is also almost unlimited from those we often heard and see or play to those we are not sure about the existence. Read also: Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One X

Game console market is huge, especially several years ago before we began to shift into PCs but since it is a matter of taste, there is no single choice that will satisfy every gamers on earth. For the majority of us, it is all about fun and while we do have personal preferences, sometimes we end up with any games available to play rather than chasing exclusives. Two major factors to decide which console or platform to play are both budget and the games.

For a full-size console, most newer models are sold at a very similar price point and the choice often land which platform you are more familiar with because if this is your first buy, we will roughly need 30 days to get used to the console before being able to press the correct buttons. Older consoles may not seem that interesting anymore but the plus side is they have tons of games in which most are cheaper than those for newer ones for example PS3 compared to PS4.

Another consideration is their exclusives and this matters the most probably for serious fans who have been waiting for certain games to finally be released. Since there is no other method to experience them on other platforms, it is necessary to get the right one for example God of War which is one of the biggest PS4 exclusives. A little bit out of topic, recently PlayStation let you stream 4 of its exclusives on PC via PlayStation Now including GoW and Uncharted 4 yet, unfortunately its service ended last month.

In addition, not only the video game console, you may also be interested to get a handheld version of them depending on how players want to utilize the device. In the past everyone was about PS Vita but in 2020, it is a dead system; the console is still good to play but not as thriving as Switch or 3DS. Some interesting AAA are still playable on the unit and for those who are into retro games, we even have various cheaper consoles with emulators to run PS1, CPS, Neo Geo, and many more.

About RG350 and PocketGo

If you are not chasing for newer games, there are lots of cheap handhelds to fill your free time without having to spend for the expensive consoles in addition to paying for the game collections. These are running with emulators and versatile enough for any system you want to try because most of them are already supported yet, it is also if you are not going to concern the legality of downloading game ROMs which is protected by their own copyrights.

This type of handheld is very popular due to their versatility and fairly cheap price that the expensive ones are probably only around $100 compared to for example the Switch which is three times more expensive without the bundle. For those who plan to spend in this budget range, two of the best choices are those from Anbernic and PocketGo. Both of them are highly rated to load lots of games and the price point is really attractive for hobbyists to experience their childhood games.

The models we are talking in this article today are the RG350 and PocketGo which are equally popular but not sitting at the same level at all because the former is pretty expensive for a retro console while you can save 2/3 of it and get the latter instead which cost around $39. They are a bundle that comes with the SD card already so players can load the game out of the box or you can customize them as needed too. 

Additionally, you will also get to play games from more than 10 different systems for the emulators are already loaded into the card thus, saving us the hassle of building one from scratch. However, if the prices are different then it means the quality will be different as well which make the RG350 should be the better choice yet, it is not always the case because PocketGo can do you justice with the money but the RG350 may offer few things that are not available on the latter.

RG350 and PocketGo Design

From the outside you can instantly tell that RG350 and PocketGo are retro games emulator thanks to their fairly “retro” appearance but built quality wise they are not very much sturdy and believable to last for prolonged years for they feels quite delicate and sometimes the buttons are not perfectly working based on different reviews by other buyers. Side by side they are at the same size, just like smartphones with display screens less than 6-inch yet, RG350 has a wider display in comparison.

The PocketGo is coming with a 2.4-inch IPS screen while the former is 3.5-inch but the quality appears better on the latter because their resolution is the same 320 x 240. As you can see RG350 has joysticks as one of its controlling functions while the latter only has the more standard layout. In addition, these consoles will come with their SD card loaded already but you will get 16GB and 8GB respectively and if you will use another card, they can equally support up to 128GB.

RG350 and PocketGo Performance

A good emulator will be as good as how it can emulate games especially those that you play the most but it can differ from each unit and while we heard some issues about some games aren’t playable in RG350 and PocketGo, the majority are working well. As a more expensive model, the Anbernic one has 1.0GHz CPU with 512M RAM compared to 32M on PocketGo so in comparison you may feel the former operate smoother when emulating games especially when you think it will deal with lots of tasks.

Another specification that will affect the gaming experience is their screen refresh rate which is prominently shown when you are playing for example NES games since this model is only featured with 30Hz refresh rate as opposed to RG350 which is 60 Hz. When tried with large PS1 games including Crash Bandicoot, the Anbernic is playing smoothly and very fluid thanks to its higher refresh rate thus, graphical issue is not something we should worry about here.

We almost forget to mention that they are running with the same OpenDingux, a very customizable Linux based software. If in case there is something that is not running well, we can wait for someone to finally release the custom firmware update which will fix the issues.

RG350 and PocketGo Battery

The next point we want to talk about is their battery system because all of us are looking for a device that if possible will last for the whole day without charging and while it is quite impossible to get such model in this price range, RG350 and PocketGo are already packed with 2500 and 1000 MAh batteries to last for several hours. These are quite good for the price they are offered but the former does provide an extended play time.

RG350 and PocketGo Experience

As for the user experience, both of them are very comfortable to play with but due to the small buttons and overall console dimension, those with bigger hands may find it less at home with the narrow layout. We are not sure about their lasting power but there is no issue in navigating the game and menu besides some buttons are not working with certain games. RG350 analogue stick however, makes the unit not ideal being put in the pocket.

RG350 vs PocketGo

Both of them are a great choice for those who want to play retro games or are not willing to spend quite a lot and get the latest modern console. Their difference beside price point are on the display in which RG350 has a bigger screen but has the same resolution yet, it is still better for it has a higher refresh rate and it also carries bigger RAM with faster CPU including bigger SD card that comes with the unit.

- 2019 New Upgraded RG350 Game Console , add 360 degree joystick easy to operate . 3.5 Inch IPS Screen(320×240)
- OpenDingux Tony System , Free with 32G TF Card preloaded 2500 classic games
- Built-in high capacity 2500mAh lithium battery for ultra-long standby time
- Multifunctional: Can use as video player, music player, e-book reader ,more interesting than simple handheld console
- Portable Game Console: Size at 12.3cm x5.6cm x 1.4cm. It is ideal for a quick pick up and plays.
- L&R buttons: Will offer you a better gaming experience on playing GBA/SNES games.
- Firmware Preinstalled: Equipped with 8GB micro SD card, latest firmware preinstalled. You can loads games from Micro SD card.


All in all you can pick any of these consoles and still be satisfied with the performance depending on which game you want to play because if you are in for RPG games like Zelda, it is already great and very cheap but those who are in for a higher games like Sonic or Mario, the RG350 should be the option.


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