Syma X8G Vs X8W

Drone or aircraft without the crew has gotten the spotlight of functions that can be done, either just the entertainment business to help someone. Growing interest in any market and sell a variety of drones with prices vary. Once we were ready to buy them then there are several considerations that must be made and one of them is the peruse specification drones we choose. Both come from brand, Syma X8G vs X8W sometimes be comparison as the two look the same. Here’s more!

Syma X8G
SyMa X8G is a type of Quad-Copter drone who we know having four propeller to fly. SyMa X8G also adopted the form of the letter X with the frame that was certainly very cool with the silver color. In addition the bottom there is also a four leg or legs ready to prop up the whole body Syma X8G. The role of the feet is quite important for this drone, because this brings action camera drones that can reach 5 Megapixel HD resolution below, so that the existence of these legs, when the drone landed on the ground, action camera will remain secure. This drone has a size of 50 x 50 cm and height approx 20 cm. Features there are many, such as headless Mode, only 3D 360 Flips, Speed Witch and other functions. And technologically advanced way for Syma X8G been stable because it has 6 axis gyro which will safeguard the stability when the other side of the wind. At the source power, Syma X8G requires a more powerful motor than the drone of ordinary so it’s no wonder if the battery bus reached 7.4 volts and a capacity of 2000mAh. With this, the drones can last flew for 10 to 12 minutes through the process of taking pictures or video. SyMa X8G also use the 2.4 GHz frequency for data transmission and remote radius to 4Ch 100 meters. There is also the shape of the button so that you can make it active.

Syma X8W
With frame-shaped letters, Syma X8W FPV wear 4 pieces of the propeller to fly. And the bottom is also has legs as much as 4. SyMa X8W FPV using a Remote Control with a high frequency, which will not be easy to bump into another frequency. These drones have also been wearing the frequency of 2.4 GHz, and then to the chanels Syma X8W FPV has 4 control channels. For color choices, Syma X8W is available in three colors namely black, white, and orange. SyMa X8W already equipped the camera with HD quality which can be directly used and also connect to your smartphone with apps from Syma. It was all thanks to an existing Wifi connection and in this way you can enjoy also features Live View or a Live stream directly from drones. You can also take pictures or record video from the camera and save them to the memory of your smartphone. The more technologically advanced powers again is great, with a combination of lightweight and powerful propeller coupled RPM motor with no doubt, Syma X8W FPV GoPro cameras as well as hauling could Xiaomi Yi. For the battery, Syma X8W has a capacity of 2000 mAh. Overall, the Syma, drona could fly with a radius of 100 meters and Wifi of 50 meters. SyMa X8W also maneuverable 360 degrees to create new aerial techniques. (Take a look : Syma X5C Vs X8W)

In our conclusion of Syma X8G vs X8W, thy are both brilliant option especially for intermediate pilots. Since you have to chose just one of then, go with Syma X8W to enjoy WiFi FPV ot install your own camera with transmission. Although you also have to know that he quadcopter drone carries a lot more weight than it is designed to.
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